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Enhancing Educational Spaces

Enhancing Educational Spaces Through Experiential Graphic Design and Student Engagement

Experiential Graphic Design (EGD) is an innovative discipline that orchestrates typography, color, imagery, technology, and content to create immersive environments. Throughout history, human civilizations have used graphic elements to convey ideas, stories, and emotions, making EGD an essential aspect of visual communication.

Creating Learning Environments in the Classroom and Beyond

Creating Learning Environments in the Classroom and Beyond

Even without a major overhaul, administrators and teachers can customize learning spaces to fit their school’s unique instructional vision.


GIS: The Simplest Approach to Planning and Maintenance

Has your school ever invested in a master plan or capital plan that winds up sitting on the shelf, only partially implemented? You aren’t alone. Many schools struggle with this same challenge. With so many moving parts, these plans are difficult to maintain. To build your plan effectively, you need to know the location, condition, and cost to maintain each campus or district asset—the components of each building, utility, and road.

Transform the Learning Environment, Transform Learning!

Transform the Learning Environment, Transform Learning!

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruption to the educational system, but it also presents an opportunity to reimagine and improve education. Research and experiences from virtual and hybrid learning environments have shown that transforming learning environments is crucial for improving student engagement, social-emotional needs, instructional models, and learning activities. Using examples from around the country, this article presents four considerations for planning learning spaces that support teachers and students today and in the future.

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