Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP)


The Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP) is the professional designation of the Association and signifies excellence in the industry. It is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and identify those in the educational environment industry who demonstrate the core competencies essential to the practice of planning, designing, equipping and maintaining educational environments. Earning the ALEP credential is the hallmark of a committed educational facility planner. It helps drive professional self-confidence, opens doors, creates connections, and offers widespread value and recognition for candidates.

Who should become an ALEP?

The ALEP designation is geared towards educational facility planning practitioners, who have a vested interest in advancing their profession and the industry.

What are the benefits of the ALEP?

The ALEP credential is validation of an individual’s expertise and leadership as a learning environments planner. It assists educational institutions by identifying those within the profession who are best equipped to guide them in assessing and planning learning environments. The designation is given to those who have demonstrated the ability to apply researched knowledge to plan and develop environments that support teaching and facilitate learning. Currently many education institutions around the world require in their RFQ/RFPs that an ALEP be a member of the team being submitted.

What are the pathways to the ALEP?

There are two pathways to earning the ALEP Accreditation:
  • Pathway 1: Complete the Advanced Academy Certificate Program with at least an 80% achievement in each of the six modules.
  • Pathway 2: Become accredited through the Professional Assessment Process consisting of a dossier Review and Interview.

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Advanced Certificate Program
One pathway is to complete the Advanced Certificate Program with at least an 80% achievement in each of the six modules.
One pathway to the Accreditation is the Professional Assessment Process consisting of a Dossier review and interview.

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