Rising Stars of Education: Kelsey Jordan

April 10, 2024

From her own school experiences to her professional career in architecture and design, Kelsey Jordan underscores the pivotal role collaboration and empathy play in shaping learning environments.

In this conversation, Kelsey Jordan, an architect specializing in educational design, discusses her school experience and career decisions. Being recognized as one of the upcoming rising stars in education, she shares her passion for equity in the built environment and leveling the playing field for all students. She highlights the need for open-mindedness and reframing questions to foster creativity and innovation.

Kelsey also discusses her future predictions and the importance of storytelling in inspiring change in education. This conversation explores the importance of reaching the average person and promoting educational stories beyond the school community.

  • Collaboration and empathy are crucial in creating better learning environments.
  • Designing for equity in the built environment helps level the playing field for all students.
  • Reframing questions as 'what if' instead of 'how' encourages creativity and innovation.
  • Storytelling is a powerful tool for inspiring change in education. Producing entertaining content can help reach a wider audience and promote positive messages about education.
  • Stories have the power to inspire change and challenge negative perceptions of schools.
  • De-stigmatizing special education is crucial for creating inclusive learning environments.
  • Networking with professionals from different industries can provide valuable insights and ideas for educational projects.

Kelsey Jordan is an Educational Planner and Architect who is experienced as an educational design professional with an emphasis on education and wellness. Her visions for the future of architecture involve strongly embedded ideologies on designing for equity in the built environment.

Kelsey Jordan 2023 NexGen “Rising Stars” Recipient

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